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Orient Electricity Co.


Orient Electricity Company is the group’s main distribution company with over 350 sales, marketing, and technical personal in 50 district offices and showrooms.  OEC also operates a fleet of 62 large transport trucks.

 The company imports electrical and building materials, electrical fixtures and accessories, air compressors, and home improvement from European and American partner corporations; Emerson, b-ticino Volex, , MEM, LG, Delta, Orient, Sahari, ERC and  Relco, RIB, Nuctech, Mandelli, BI, SDM, ILIX, Klingspor, Euro Chiller, Pneumofore, Copress, Semental, Turbotechnica, Dirt Glue, IAS, Inspectech, Salto and Elkosta.

 OEC’s product range market share improvement was realized by a well established distribution network throughout the Kingdom.  An extensive network of showrooms, warehouses and service centers were developed to give the support the customers needed.  This secure approach was complemented by robust products and services that were required to maintain a successful growth in the region.

SOFAB’s product range is marketed and promoted by OEC showrooms and their many SOFAB agents and sub agents in Middle East and Africa; UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Qatar, Yemen, Eritrea, Oman and Iraq are some of the countries and regions where SOFAB products are  being exhibited.



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