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Shamsan Al-Sohaibi Factory for Safety and Security


     Sofab Safety and Security Systems

SOFAB is committed to provide a multitude of solutions and systems through its divisions. Our marketing capabilities extend from the Middle East. Africa, Europe and Asia regions. We are committed to maintaining operational excellence through continuous improvement and the pursuit of world class manufacturing partners.

SOFAB can provide world class solutions to almost any fire, safety, security and defense problems or requirements and provides products, services and solutions to governments and governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations NGO’s), military establishments, airports, sea ports, embassies, banks, power stations, critical infrastructure and major organizations and corporations worldwide.


·          Road Blockers

·          Bollards

·          Boom Gates

·          Tire Killers

·          Blocker Jaws

·          Bullet Proof Doors

·          Bullet Proofing of Cars

·          Security Mirrors

·          Sliding Gates

·          Step Blocker

·         Concrete Blocks

·          Security Cameras & C.C.T. Systems.

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