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About Us

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The late Sheik Shamsan Al-Sohaibi, a prominent Saudi electrical engineer, founded Shamsan Al-Sohaibi Group in 1947. He was one of the pioneering electrical engineers commissioned in the 1940’s to help design and build the infrastructure and electrical distribution network of the Power Station in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

During the 1940s, Saudi Arabia engaged in a massive project for developing a national electrical power infrastructure. To accomplish this task the country needed large quantities of electrical supplies, building materials, and skilled manpower.

Realizing the fabulous business opportunity presented to him, Sheik Shamsan Al-Sohaibi created Orient Electricity Company, one of first and primary electrical supply companies in the Kingdom.

Since then, Shamsan Al-Sohaibi Group has grown into a large multi-industry conglomerate consisting of the following corporate divisions: Orient Electricity Company, Shamsan Al-Sohaibi Factories Group (SOFAB) for Building, Electrical, and Security Products, SOFAB Commercial, Residential and Hospitality Division, SOFAB Franchise Development and Investment Division, SOFAB Motors, and SOFAB Aerospace.

Today, Shamsan Al-Sohaibi Group is still a privately owned company managed by a five-member board of directors, all sons of Sheik Shamsan Al-Sohaibi.

The Group has over 50 branch offices, showrooms, and distributors throughout the Kingdom and the following neighboring countries: Cairo Egypt, Dubai UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Amman Jordan, Beirut Lebanon, Syria, Eritrea, Oman and Iraq.


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